Rich Rodriguez, PhinfeverThe Good

Ryan Fitzpatrick almost pitched a perfect game. He completed 90% of his passes and threw two well-placed touchdowns. He also rushed for 38 yards. Call it a "clean and efficient" game.

Devante Parker didn't have a staggering statistical game, but he toughed out a hamstring injury that in the past would have probably sidelined him for weeks. Good to see he has developed some toughness.

8 different receivers caught passes. So while the numbers on passing offense were not staggering, the versatility was.

Good to see 4 sacks out of this defense. 


The Bad

However..... the defense still struggled to stop the run. The only reason there were 72 rushing yards allowed was because Jax had to go to the pass to play catch up. Short yardage defense also loses more often than it wins.


The Ugly 

While the offense line did a decent job of creating a pocket for Fitz, the run blocking didn't create any lanes for the running backs. This continues to be an issue. This offensive line is probably another season away from being a good unit.



Good job by the coaching staff on a short week. The Dolphins came in an thrashed the Jags in Jax. Next up is a tough game against the Seahawks. The Dolphins will need to build off their win to have a chance against the Hawks. The run game will need to get going against a tough run defense. It's a lot to ask given what we've seen so far.