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Miami Dolphins Vs Green Bay Packers  


                             Game time: 1pm EST   Where: Miami


    Miami hit the bye week at the right time. They had a lot of people out due to injury who are coming back. Here is the latest injury report http://www.miamidolphins.com/team/injury-report.html

Miami also gets Reshad Jones back from a 4 game suspension. Knowshon Moreno is targetting this game to return. He participated in practice. The selfish side of me wants him to play for my fantasy team. My better judgement says I wish they'd sit him for 1 more week. Although I'm sure he can run and protect his arm, I'm not so sure he can pass block which will tip off the defense that it is a run when he's in the game. Starks back is good news for the interior line. Alberts had a full practice after leaving the Raiders game with a shoulder injury. The only notable injury was Finnegan who did not practice yesterday.

    Bill Lazor came out and said statistics can be misleading when talking about Greenbay's run defense. huh? Can you repeat that Bruh? Greenbay's run defense is atrocious. Our only hope is that he was being respectful and coy as to his real plan. If he comes out with a plan to wing the ball all over the field, it will be a real #facepalm type of day. First off, you have Aaron Rodgers who could have the hottest hand in football right now. He is the man you wrap you're entire gameplan, offense, defense and ST's around. On offense, you run the ball until Lamar Miller pukes. On ST's, you kick off out of the endzone, and punt on 4th and short near midfield. On defense, you run a nickle defense most of the game and ignore Greenbay's anemic ground game. Seems simple on paper before the ball is snapped. If Greenbay jumps out to a 10 or 14 point lead, that's when it gets tough to go out and run the ball. If Lazor has a lot of 3 and outs trying to force the passing game, this game could get out of hand quickly.

     On a final note, the outcome of this game is highly dependent on which Miami Dolphins team shows up. We have seen one team that is awesome. We've seen another than couldn't beat the local JV squad from podunked high school in nowheresville Kansas. Are they going to average 6yds a carry only to run it 15 times all game? Or will they stuff the rock down their throats for 200+ yards? Will RT be efficient and effective or will his WR's be dropping passes every key 3rd down? Will the ST's be average? Or will they be so abhorrent that you run for more beer at halftime. Stay tuned for the next episode of "Which Miami Dolphins Team Arrives".

     Personally, I'm going with the upset. I like Miami at home by 7. We'll call it 31-24

Go Tannehill




bored dolphin fanWell here we are at the bye week already, a week to focus on fantasy football for those that play, a week to get some of those pesky chores done that build up during football season and a week to wish there were no bye weeks.

It's not as bad as it could be though, the Dolphins are coming off a dominating win, a great performance by beseiged QB Ryan Tannehill and a few players will be back in the fold when the Dolphins do come back next week against the Green Bay Packers. 

Going into a bye after a loss is really bad, it's leaves that sour taste just sitting there for two weeks, it's a much more comfortable two weeks after a good win. These two weeks will give Lazor some good quality time to continue to install his offense, and for the players to absorb it.

It gives players that need it, some good time for healing or simply recharging. Heck, we may even take first place in the division during the bye week, if things break right. Many of us will be like the guy in the photo though, sitting in our Dolphin gear, watching some game that is NOT the Dolphins and it just isn't the same.

Another good thing in my opinion is having an early bye week, just get it out of the way early and then there's Dolphin games every week. Stratigically speaking I guess mid season is the best, but I'm a big believer in momentum, if your team playing well you want to play every week and if your not... well that's not fun no matter what.

Players who will be, or should be returning after the bye week who may have quite an impact, Mike Pouncey, Koa Misi, Reshad Jones and  Shelly Smith. Thats four starters returning, really bolstering the roster, that's surely something to look forward to. It doesn't make this week any better, but certainly makes the Dolphins prospects better going forward.

So as we all try to endure this Dolphinless week, I hope you can try make the best of it, cooking something really good always helps me, and next week it will be back to Dolphins football as the Dolphins host the Green Bay Packers.


Have fun and GO BYE!




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