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Phinfever, NFL, Miami Dolphins, Big Dave, Dave BlakeThe Titans loss was a horrible game as both the offense and defense failed. In fact, it felt as bad a loss as we've had in a very long time.

If you watched the game, I am sure that you and your friends put the blame on Tannehill for the offense's troubles. Look no further than the fickle Miami crowd shouting for Matt Moore in the 4th quarter. Can you blame them? It's been very trying being a Dolphins fan for a long time.

I want you to take a look at these next five video clips created by Presnap Reads, and I want you to tell me how much of it was actually Tannehill's fault. You will see horrible blocking by our offensive line, and you will see inept route running. We will never know if Tannehill is "the man" until he actually gets some time to throw the ball. Let's face it, after almost 5 years of serious hits, it will take time for Tannehill to mentally embrace his protection ... if he ever gets it.

Suck for ?To let you know how I feel about it all, I would be ok with the Dolphins going in a different direction at the quarterback position at the end of the season. Do I blame Tannehill? For the most part ... NO. If the Dolphins continue to lose as we have been, we will be looking at a top pick in the upcoming draft, and our new head coach deserves to have his quarterback in place.

So, enjoy the week as someone with a brainstem finally cut the 3 Stooges: Dallas Thomas, Billy Turner, and Jamil Douglas.








What about that interception? Tannehil threw the pass behind his receiver. That is on Tannehill. BUT, look at the ball actually hit Parker in the chest. That is on Parker as well.




Go Fins!

Big Dave

Gary Ramey, Phinfever, Miami DolphinsMiami is 1-4 and I was pretty much dumping on Gase.  I still had a feigning interest in whether he could fix it before year’s end but nothing more. I was already building a file titled “Fire Adam Gase”. So just when I’m about to write him off permanently as just another coach who has lost his team, he does something that peaked my interest again. He fired Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner.  This tells me he has some fire in him….literally. So here I am again, hoping Adam Gase finds the magic formula to turn things around.  I’m really hoping this isn’t just Gase’s  Josh McDaniel moment where this was done out of panic.  I mean this really was a shocker now but would have been expected at the end of the preseason. There’s not a fan on Planet Dolphins that didn’t realize these two were just dead weight and not conducive to winning, it was still a bit of a shock to see it just happen now versus in preseason.

Secondly, this has to send a loud message reverberating through the team. Two weeks ago in my blog I wrote about how Gase could lose the team if he didn’t follow up on some of his threats. He called out James in the press and didn’t bench him. I felt that was a mistake. James has been the subject of a lot of threads where his play is concerned. Make no mistake though, James has talent and is a solid player when he is focused. It’ll be interesting to see how focused the team is against Pittsburgh this week.  My guess is the game will be closer than most fans think and I’m putting money on the upset. That is putting a lot of faith in a lot of holes in the Miami Team at the moment.

Only time will tell if Gase has what it takes. But if he does, we should at least see this team start to come together by season’s end. If it does, he’ll earn another year. If the team continues to tank, all bets are off on his job security.   

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