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Gase coached an undiscipline left handed fullback (Tim Tebow) to a playoff berth and a first round victory.

He oversaw a record breaking campaign with Peyton Manning to 55 tds and 5400 yards.

He helped get Cutler back on track WITHOUT Brandon Marshall.

This shows that with 3 very different qbs, he has found ways to get the best out of their abilities... Tebow was an under 50% completion guy and was able to win to some degree with that. Peyton obviously ran the offense in his campaign, but he did so in indy as well... He needed some one to help organize the gameplan and to give him the freedom to execute his thousands of omaha audibles. Gase checked his ego and was able to work harmoniously with one of the best.
In Chicago, he took a QB that was tethering on being cut, without his safety valve all pro WR, with an under performing Forte, and a bad defense, in a stacked division (2 playoff teams with 10 plus wins and a lions team that was very dangerous in the 2nd half of the season) and had a very "respectable" year in 1 season on the job.

I am not praising the man for being a world beater or "the second coming", but it is very clear that gase has been able to adapt to the players he is given. He has been able to significantly improve the quality of qb play in a very short amount of time. And has been able to utilize players to work to their best attributes rather than a system of prrference.

  • Wannstadt wanted a rb heavy attack and to burn out his onpy good RB.
  • Saban wanted to be a disciplinarian... No luck.
  • Cameron wanted a rb heavy jack of all trade systems and ronnie brown was performing until injury....failure.
  • Sparano wanted big bodies and limit turnovers (fist pump for field goals).... Worked for 1 year... Then he tried to get cute.
  • Philbin wanted a soft finesse pass heavy attack.

Each coach since Johnson has had an agenda, and an offense they desired to be installed.....

Gase seems to want to work our players in whatever offense can be successful.

Furthermore, it doesnt look like Gase is looking at a 3 year rebuild.... He is looking at a retooling of talent. So no more cutting good players that dont fit, and more acquiring those who can be an upgrade.

Seems like a best case scenario.... I wish Campbell was retained as asst hc/ o.c. but i guess his ego showed him the door.

Let's talk about it here.


I work with a die-hard Broncos fan. I wanted to get his take on Gase as conventional wisdom is that he didn't have to do much because Peyton Manning was his QB.

This is what he said - "From everything I know about Gase, you guys got the real deal."

He added that Gase is two things:

1. An excellent Xs and Os guy who can adjust his system to the talent and can change the gameplan from week to week, quarter to quarter and drive to drive.

2. An excellent people person who can relate to all sorts of different personalities and is good at building relationships

He said that when Elway fired everyone, he wanted to keep Gase, but he needed to send a message. Also note, Fox immediately took Gase with him to Chicago.

He said that Gase's impact on Peyton Manning is understated because Manning is Manning, but that Gase played a huge role in setting up a system around Manning that took advantage of Manning's strengths, hence the record-breaking season. He also said it is no coincidence that the Broncos offense has gone downhill since Gase left.

Interesting insight from a Broncos fan. Most fans tend to rip former coaches.


Talk abouit it here.

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