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I work with a die-hard Broncos fan. I wanted to get his take on Gase as conventional wisdom is that he didn't have to do much because Peyton Manning was his QB.

This is what he said - "From everything I know about Gase, you guys got the real deal."

He added that Gase is two things:

1. An excellent Xs and Os guy who can adjust his system to the talent and can change the gameplan from week to week, quarter to quarter and drive to drive.

2. An excellent people person who can relate to all sorts of different personalities and is good at building relationships

He said that when Elway fired everyone, he wanted to keep Gase, but he needed to send a message. Also note, Fox immediately took Gase with him to Chicago.

He said that Gase's impact on Peyton Manning is understated because Manning is Manning, but that Gase played a huge role in setting up a system around Manning that took advantage of Manning's strengths, hence the record-breaking season. He also said it is no coincidence that the Broncos offense has gone downhill since Gase left.

Interesting insight from a Broncos fan. Most fans tend to rip former coaches.


Talk abouit it here.

Rich Rodriguez, Phinfever.comI get it... no head coaching experience, another hot offensive coordinator that has benefitted from coaching an elite QB. After his hiring, former players and coaches have come out and praised him (this always happens, so it would be a similarity with anyone we hire, so cross this one off the list).

I get why the comparisons to Philbin are coming out.

But paying attention to 3 or 4 similarities causes one to ignore the vast differences.

First and foremost, put on any Joe Philbin and any Adam Gase interview and pay attention to their delivery, demeanor and presence.

Philbin comes off as a nice guy, but no intensity just a bunch of platitudes. We've seen him a million times. He looks too small for the job. We all know about the cue cards in the locker room. The guy simply does not inspire confidence. The best word to describe Philbin is DETACHED.

Gase comes off as a good balance of intense and cerebral. He seems very excited to be doing what he is doing. Gase isn't Dan Campbell running thru walls and destroying planets, but compared to Philbin, he has a pulse. Really, he comes off as genuine guy who loves what he is doing and can relate to people.

Also, yes, they both fall under the "HOT COORDINATOR" column. But one huge difference is that when Philbin was the Packers OC, McCarthy called the plays. The Packers ran McCarthy's system. Philbin did not have a system. Philbin had very limited in game experience.

My biggest beef with the Philbin hiring was exactly this. He had very little to do with developing Aaron Rodgers. He had very little to do with playcalling and he didn't even have his own system. Philbin was an OL coach before he was an OC. Obviously he wasn't very good at developing an O-line if you see his time with Miami.

Gase has called plays. Gase has his own system. Gase has been in in-game situations. Maybe not to call timeouts but to have an understanding of situations, of down and distance. Gase has been directly involved with the development of Jay Cutler, Tim Tebow and... Ok he didn't develop Peyton Manning and Manning runs his own offense, but Gase had to work with Manning.

Philbin didn't work with Rodgers, Mike McCarthy did.

Also, lets look at "pedigree". Philbin's mentors have been Mike Sherman and Mike McCarthy.

Gase has worked with multiple different personalities including Mike Martz, Nick Saban, Steve Mariucci and John Fox. His system is a blend of styles, from the West Coast Offense to Air Coryell (my personal favorite).

Lastly, Dolphins fans wanted that young, hot coordinator after the Tony Sparano years. We got the old, hot coordinator who wasn't really coordinating anything.

Now, we have the young, hot coordinator.

Will the results be different or the same? No way to tell today, but for those focusing on the similarities, pay attention to some vast differences as well.

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