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T-Rock's Phinfever FFL 2014


Best Offensive Player: Ryan Tannehill
Best Defensive Player: Cameron Wake (obviously)
MVP: Cameron Wake
Most Disappointing Player: Brian Hartline, Dion Jordan (tie)
Best Rookie: Jarvis Landry
Grade: B

I have to curb my enthusiasm a little here because it is not easy to humiliate Phillip Rivers. He, in my opinion, is a top 5 QB. We have seen the Dolphins at their worst (Buffalo) and at their best (Chargers). Bad teams look bad all the time, so, we knew that this team can be special as we have seen sparks of a very good team. If the Dolphins can stay heathy and focused, I see a surprise team in the making here. I am not sure why Hartline is having problems this year. I do remember that he was a slow learner when he first was drafted, and he is learning a new offense which is challenging. A sure handed receiver just all of a sudden forgets how to catch tough passes. I like Dion Jordan's hard work but failing two drug tests back-to-back has me expecting more from him on the field. S Rashad Jones gets my "welcome back" award. He has sparked this defense to a new level. He can miss the first 4 games of any season that he plays as far as I am concerned. Mike Wallace? He looks much better this year, but he shouldn't complain about not getting deep passes if he drops balls that he should catch. Tannehill




Best Offensive Player: Ryan Tannehill
Best Defensive Player: Cameron Wake
MVP: Cameron Wake
Most Disappointing Player: Brian Hartline
Best Rookie: Jarvis Landry
Grade: B

The Dolphins are a team that can put up points on offense and shut down opposing offenses with their defense. The problem for the Dolphins has been to put it all together on the field at the same time. We saw what can happen when both the offense and defense are clicking when they dismantled the Chargers in a 37-0 rout. The biggest factor on offense is the play of Ryan Tannehill. When he is right, the offense is right. Tannehill continues showing growth and is being used more to his strengths by Bill Lazor. He is also growing more comfortable with the system. If the trendline continues and Tannehill finishes with a 90+ rating and the defense continues playing dominant football, the Dolphins are in the playoffs.




Best Offensive Player - Mike Wallace

  • teams have to game plan for him and his speed. Been much more productive. Honorable Mention - Brandon Albert.

Best Defensive Player - Cameron Wake

  • Disruptive force.

MVP - Brandon Albert

  • While there are still problems on the OL, mainly the interior portion, Albert has come in and stabilized the blind side for Miami. HUGE.

Most Disappointing - Brian Hartline

  • Getting paid like a very good #2, while producing like a #3,4.

Best Rookie - Ju'Wuan James

  • While Jarvis Landry has come in and been a BIG spark, James has solidified the ORT spot for the Dolphins.

Grade - c+

Miami could easily be 6-2 right now, and while I think this team is better than last year and heading in the right direction, you still have to wonder about this coaching staff and their decision making process. A big key to further success is solving the interior OL issues, specifically the OLG position. The defense, even with all the injuries have been rock solid and will only get better. Offensively, QB Ryan Tannehill has gotten better, but still has work to do. The OL has improved over last year, but as mentioned, problems still exist. With the injury to RB Knowshon Moreno, Lamar Miller has stepped up and been solid along with Mike Wallace at WR. Rookie Jarvis Landry has been what I thought he would be, rock solid.




Best Offensive Player - Mike Wallace
Best Defensive Player - Cam Wake
MVP -Samson Satele
Most Disappointing - Dion Jordan
Best Rookie - Jarvis Landry
Grade - C+

The Dolphins have been up and down this year but have improved overall, due in large part in my opinion to Bill Lazor, who I nearly listed as MVP. I am still waiting to see consistency in this team, they have the talent to make a playoff push, but do they have the fortitude to do it is the question. I have enjoyed some Dolphins games this year more than I have since 2008, when they have shined they have really shined, if they can pull it all together and maintain the high level of play they have shown they can produce, it can be a great run down the stretch.




Best Offensive Player: Mike Wallace

  • proves he can be an all around number 1

Best Defensive Player: Cameron Wake

  • nothing else added.

MVP: LT Branden Albert
Most Disappointing Player: - Dallas Thomas
Grade: B+

Lazor and the unpredictable offense has been a big difference. It has taken awhile before RT has gotten on the same page and his timing down but it is starting to gel at the right time.

The Good


Ryan Tannehill - One of his best games ever (we've said that a couple of times this season). Tannehill completed 70% of this passes for 288 yards and 3 TDs. He finished the day with a 125.6 rating. Tannehill also rushed for 47 yards on 4 carries. When you compile the passing statistics, Tannehill's QB rating is over 90 halfway through the season. This is the type of progress we need to continue seeing from Tannehill for this team to make the playoffs.


Offensive Line - Tannehill was not sacked once and generally had an inordinate amount of time to throw. Run blocking could have been a bit better, but the pass protection was more than you can ask for.


Defense - To shut out a prolific QB like Phillip Rivers is incredible. You figured the Chargers would get their points. Instead, the Chargers had 178 total yards, were 3 of 11 on third down, averaged 3.6 yards per play, and of course the most important number, they put up ZERO points. Cameron Wake, Randy Starks, Earl Mitchell and Olivier Vernon all had sacks. Brent Grimes had two interceptions and Reshad Jones had one. This was a complete and total dominant performance by a defense that keeps getting better as the season goes on.


Joe Philbin - Philbin had a tough week with the passing of his father. For all the criticism he faces, one thing Philbin has done extremely well is set up a very organized team. The team didn't miss a beat in practice while Philbin was gone for two days and he deserves credit for this. His team came out strong and won this one for him.




When you win 37-0, there isn't room for Bad or Ugly, so we'll leave it at this. The Dolphins have won three in a row and 4 out of 5 games. But today was one of those statement games. They won against a worthy opponent and shut down an explosive offense. The Detroit Lions are next and they will present some problems, especially at defensive tackle with Fairley and Suh. But this defense can rattle a QB like Matthew Stafford and they will need to continue their dominant play for the Dolphins to have a chance to win one in Detroit.


This is the toughest stretch of the season. If the Dolphins can come out of the other side with at least a 6-5 record, they will be in good position to compete for a Wildcard spot. If they can come out 7-3, they are in driver's seat. And if they come out 7-2, then that would be truly remarkable.


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