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The Dolphins defense played well enough to win, holding the explosive Bills to 3 points in the first half. Yes, there was a point in the game where the defense had some lapses, but that's going to happen to any defense against a top offense. The point is they did enough to keep the Dolphins in the game and the offense simply did not deliver.

Devante Parker, especially in the first half, was hard to cover. He had 8 catches for 85 yards.

The Bad

The offensive line continues to struggle against teams like the Bills. Both tackles allowed pressures and the Dolphins were unable to go downfield because of the short amount of time Tua had on almost every play to get rid of the ball. The Dolphins have done a poor job of addressing offensive line throughout the years and it continues to be the main hinderance to this offense.

What's up with Jaylen Waddle? It seems he never gets wide-open. I thought he was a quick burst and high speed guy with good route running. A guy like that should be getting wide open, especially on short routes. Instead he's usually being tackled right after a 5 yard catch. I know receiver sometimes is a position that takes a while to learn in the NFL, but it is starting to get concerning that Waddle can't seem to shake man coverage.

The Ugly

The offense moved the ball in the first half, but made some boneheaded mistakes at inopportune times. For some reason, there were instances where the Dolphins appeared to be lined up incorrectly and only Mike Gesicki knew it (or maybe Gesicki was confused). The timing seemed suspect to be honest. One of these instances led to the Dolphins snapping the ball right as Gesicki was in motion. The snap hit Gesicki and of course it led to a fumble that the Bills recovered. The Dolphins were in the redzone after a nice, long drive when this happened.


With the Deshaun Watson rumors continuing to swirl, the Dolphins are a mess on the field and more than likely in the locker room. The term "national embarassment" has been used by some. The impact this is having on the 2nd year QB we just took top 5 last year has to be significant. Additionally, the Dolphins are doing everything in their power to give the Eagles a top 5 pick in next year's draft.

And yet there don't seem to be any rumors of Flores or Grier being on the hot seat. I mean, to us looking on from the outside, it would make sense, but the rumors don't seem to be there. Is the plan to continue with these guys who can't coach and can't seem to either evaluate or develop talent?

There seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

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2022 Week 5: Dolphins at Jets; October 9 @ 1 pm EST on CBS

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