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Fins 15, Bengals 27 Highlights

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The Good

The Dolphins running game finally got going. The Dolphins rushed for 132 yards on 29 carries.

The run defense also did a more solid job of stopping the run than they have in other games. Of course, Cordarrelle Patterson isn't really a running back.

Xavien Howard had a fantastic interception, ripping the ball out of the receiver's hands just as he was completing the catch.

Mike Gesicki continues performing well in a contract year, catching 7 passes for 85 yards and a TD. Honorable mention to Jaylen Waddle, who had 7 catches for 83 yards. Happy to see him post above 10 YPC.

The Bad

The defense allowed almost 400 yards of offense, was sketchy on 3rd downs and barely pressured Matt Ryan in obvious passing situations. Kyle Pitts made the Dolphins defense his bitch, catching 7 passes for 163 yards (and yes, we could have drafted him). The defense also wittled against the Falcons with the game on the line. This is not the 2020 Dolphins defense, that's for sure.

The Ugly

Tua had an incredible stat line. 80% completion, 291 yards 4 TDs....

.... and two picks. Which landed him in the ugly category.

That being said, Tua is definitely an arrow-up player and I am baffled as to why there is talk of trading for a guy with criminal charges pending when Tua is showing improvement and is the least of this team's problems.

I'm liking some of what I see from Austin Jackson at guard. I feel like he was getting good push and saw a couple of nasty pancake blocks downfield. He has some things to clean up, like boneheaded pre-snap penalties, but I think left guard may be the right position for him longterm.

Speaking of penalties, the Dolphins had 6 more penalties for 44 yards. Takes no talent, but it seems this team has gone away from the basics that made them successful last year.


This is a lost season, and it is just a matter of seeing how Tua develops, if the Dolphins pull off a ridiculously risky trade and if Grier and Flores keep their jobs. Feels like 2019 all over again.

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2022 Week 5: Dolphins at Jets; October 9 @ 1 pm EST on CBS

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