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Everyone keeps complaining about all the small school players we took. But you know what? I've actually heard about these players and seen them ranked by everyone which is why I like our draft and think it's one of the better ones I saw this weekend. Do you realize how many teams drafted players in the top 5 rounds that I never even heard of? Now that's bad drafting or reaching(whatever you want to call it). Taking small school players is not bad drafting.


Miami got 2 of the top 10 offensive linemen. Pretty smart move considering it was our weakest part of the team. They got one of the most clutch receivers in this draft and an eventual starter.

In the 4th round they got a mammoth corner to add to an already talented secondary.

In the 5th round they got the 6th best tight end on some websites boards. Not sure how anyone can complain about that. And the other 5th round pick is an Uber-versatile linebacker that draft analysts were raving about leading up to the draft.

Can't say I know much about the receiver Hazel but he looked pretty impressive in those highlights.

Terence Fede was on lists of the top small school players.


So I am very satisfied with how Hickey did in his first draft in Miami.


The teams that should be complaining are as follows.


Cleveland Browns:
Your team enters this draft with a mountain of picks. Your superstar receiver is busted on his 3rd drug offense. You're sitting in the Sammy Watkins draft slot and you trade out of it???? What? and for Justin Gilbert? Oh and then you go 7 rounds without drafting a wide receiver? WHAT???? EPIC FAIL
So who will Johnny Football be throwing to opening day? Greg Little and Travis Benjamin? LOL


Dallas Cowboys:
Your defense got completely picked apart in the offseason you need 3 starters in the front 7 and you draft Zack Martin? Here's one of those teams that took a guy I never saw on any ranking list in the 4th round. They also did that last year.


Carolina Panthers:
You lost your top 3 receivers and 3 offensive linemen retired in one offseason. Yet you draft 1 receiver and 1 lineman? What?????


Detroit Lions:
You have one of the shakiest secondaries in the league and you draft one defensive back in round 4?


Kansas City Chiefs:
Your biggest need by a mile is wide receiver and you drafted how many of them? ZERO!


New England Patriots:
Did you really just draft a guy in round 1 with 2 major knee injuries already? LOL


How dare anyone make fun of Miami's draft. Where they got value and actually filled their needs.


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