Rich RodriguezThe Good

About the only positive in this game was the play of Jerome Baker, who was all over the field with 16 tackles, 1 sack and forced fumble that prevented a New England score.

I guess we can thrown in that the pass protection did not look atrocious as it has so often over the past decade. Something to keep an eye on with another revamped offensive line.

The Bad

This list will run long and deep.

Fitztragic was on full display with 3 interceptions and leading an anemic offense that only produced 11 points.

The running game struggled, although Gaskin and Breida did show some bright spots. But Jordan Howard was invisible.

Devante Parker injured again.

While the Dolphins were incapable of stopping what is essentially a college offense, the Dolphins wide outs aside from Parker were incapable of creating separation.

It is not even an exaggeration that the Patriots were running a college offense. They literally were. Most decent NFL defenses would know to penetrate and disrupt. The Dolphins defense hung back, misread plays and let Cam Newton do whatever he wanted.

The Ugly

I guess the quality of play was a symptom of the times. Shortened training camps and no preseason games due to the pandemic. The Dolphins are a young team that benefit more from that type of activity. Now they have to learn on the fly. And it may be this ugly for a couple more weeks before some players get their legs under them.


Great to have football and a little bit of normalcy back in our lives. The Dolphins are a very young team that may struggle early. Up next are the Bills, who will present another tough opponent. The Dolphins need to get their run game and run stop game going to be able to compete against these teams. If they are not able to improve in these areas, it will be another long season. The other question is, how much Fitzmagic vs Fitztragic will we get? If we keep seeing more of the latter, how quickly can we expect Tua to see the field? And how will he perform given the abridged training camp? In my opinion, it is only a matter of time before a quarterback controversy materializes.