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2012 DRAFT
1 (8)
Ryan Tannehill
Texas A&M
6'6", 241#, 4.9
2 (10)
Jonathan Martin
6'5", 312#, 5.27
3 (9)
Olivia Vernon
The U
6'2", 261#, 4.8
3 (15)
Michael Egnew
6'5", 252#, 4.62
4 (8)
Lamar Miller
The U
5'11", 212#, 4.4
5 (20)
Josh Kaddu
6'3", 239#, 4.65
6 (13)
BJ Cunningham
Michigan St
6'1", 211#, 4.59
7 (8)
Kheeston Randall
6'4", 293#, 5.0
7 (20)
Rishard Matthews
6'0", 217#, 4.62
Jeff Fuller
Texas A&M
6'3", 223#, 4.53
Derek Moye
Penn St
6'4", 209-#, 4.52
Jonas Gray
Notre Dame
5'9", 223#, 4.55
Jacquies Smith
6'3", 253#, 4.77
Chas Alecxih
6'4", 296#, 5.41
Terence Brown
6'4", 318#, 5.05
Josh Samuda
U Mass
6'3", 312#, 5.1
Derek Dennis
6'3", 315#, 5.44
Dustin Waldron
Portland St
6'5", 305#, 5.32
Kelcie McCray
Arkansas St
6'2", 202#, 4.52
Albert Evans
6'0", 209#, 4.74




CBS Sports - Pete Prisco

Grade: B+

Best pick: Third-round tight end Michael Egnew has the ability to split out and create matchup problems. He's what you want in a tight end.

Questionable move: Taking Ryan Tannehill with the eighth overall pick is a risk. He has tools, but limited starts. Did they overdraft because of the need at the position?

Third-day gem: Running back Lamar Miller might have some shoulder issues, but he is an explosive runner. The Dolphins might have nailed a special back.

Analysis: The draft will be graded on the Tannehill pick in the long run. If their analysis is accurate, and he's a franchise passer, this will be a really nice draft. If not, well, this regime won't be around long. I liked what they did after Tannehill a lot. But he is this draft.


ESPN Insider - Mel Kiper

Top needs:

  • QB, WR, DE, T/G, S


  • Needs: B
  • Value: D+
  • Overall: C

Summary: On my final Big Board, Ryan Tannehill was my 19th-ranked player. The Dolphins got him at No. 8, and probably felt like they couldn't move down. If he's your guy, you take him and live with it. Tannehill is all projection. My worry for him is he needs more game experience, but Miami can't put him out there as a rookie with the hope of being competitive. Remember, this team went 6-3 over its final nine games. Jonathan Martin isn't a bad get at all in the second round. But again, he won't help the team much in 2012. Olivier Vernon doesn't have a high ceiling, but targets a need. Michael Egnew was my No. 4 tight end, and has solid athleticism. He's 6-foot-5, but can run in the mid-4.5 range. Lamar Miller is a great late value; he has some explosiveness and provides some insurance if Reggie Bush gets dinged. Tannehill's success or failure will define this draft -- no way around it.


ESPN Insider - Todd McShay

Grade = (did not grade any team)

Impact pick: OT Jonathan Martin (second) -- He should push for the right tackle job, where Martin would offer an upgrade opposite standout LT Jake Long. The Dolphins are moving to a fast-paced, college-style offense and aren't looking for the traditional mauler at right tackle, so Martin fits with his agility, stamina and lean muscle. This is a great fit for him, and he has the chance to become an immediate contributor.

Intriguing picks:

  • TE Michael Egnew (third), RB Lamar Miller (fourth)
  • The college teams that are most successful with fast-paced offenses have speed and depth at the skill positions, so Egnew and Miller could be good additions. Egnew is a tall, lean H-back type who was productive in college and shows the body control to adjust and catch balls over his head. His size will allow him to create mismatches in the passing game. Miller was a great value in the fourth round, and with Reggie Bush and Daniel Thomas already on the roster, Miller will only need to contribute in a rotation and provide some big-play ability. He is the fastest back in this year's class and could bring an added dimension with his ability to make one cut and immediately get to top speed.

FF Toolbox

Grade = A (4th best rank)

Based on our top 100 rankings, we review each NFL team and give them a score. The #1 ranked player gives the team 100pts, #2 99pts, #3 98pts, etc. We list only their draft picks which were in our top 100 big board. Of course our top 100 list, like any, is flawed, but it is one way we can measure the success of each teams' draft. This doesn't take into consideration needs met -- that will come in subsequent articles.


  • 1.08 Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M Ranked #19
  • 2.10 Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford Ranked #18
  • 4.02 Lamar Miller, RB, Miami Ranked #33


Grade = C-

General manager Jeff Ireland has made a career of patiently looking for singles and doubles in the first round while waiting until the second to land quarterbacks, but by investing in Ryan Tannehill at No. 8 overall, the Dolphins swung for the fences. Clearly Tannehill is a gamble; he has limited experience, but his 19 career starts at quarterback came in new Miami offensive coordinator Mike Sherman's offense. Not even Andrew Luck can boast that familiarity with his NFL team's scheme. I do like the pick, but Tannehill had better be good, because the Dolphins didn't help he or incumbent starter Matt Moore much the rest of the way through the draft. Athletic front seven defenders Olivier Vernon and Josh Kaddu have upside but are raw. Stanford offensive tackle Jonathan Martin was a solid value selection in the second, as was Miami running back Lamar Miller in the fourth but for a team that traded away the only game-breaking receiver they had in Brandon Marshall, not enough was done to improve the Dolphins' receiving corps.


ROTOWORLD - Chris Wesseling

Grade = B

Tannehill was the right pick for a franchise desperately in need of a potential franchise signal-caller. Martin fills a need but will struggle on the right side due to his lack of strength. Miller doesn’t play on third downs or in the red zone, but he’s explosive between the 20s. Vernon is one the mid-round’s most intriguing pass rushers. New coach Joe Philbin believes he can get by with a committee approach at wide receiver. While Cunningham and Matthews have late-round steal potential, the Dolphins still lack a Jordy Nelson, much less a Greg Jennings. Egnew was overdrafted.


SI.COM - Chris Burke

Grade = B-

This all depends on how much you believe in Ryan Tannehill. I’m on the fence, and especially suspect of his value at No. 8. Jonathan Martin has work to do to start at right tackle, but he was a bargain at 42. The wild card here is TE Michael Egnew (78), who will have to play a key role, since Miami more or less neglected the receiver spot.


The Sporting News

Grade = B

They went for the extreme makeover, offensive edition. It's just Tannehill is a big wild card.



Grade = B

Goals Entering the 2012 NFL Draft: Just like no one wants to play for the Browns, NFL players are avoiding the Dolphins. The owner is not a football guy, while the general manager asks prospects if their mother is a whore. This Miami franchise is in complete disarray and needs help everywhere, particularly on offense. Improving the pass rush is also a must.

2012 NFL Draft Accomplishments: I think the Dolphins had a good draft. Whether anyone thinks Ryan Tannehill will be a bust is irrelevant; it's a move Miami had to make. This franchise couldn't go into the season with Matt Moore and David Garrard as the only legitimate starting options. The fans would have revolted, and no one would have shown up to the games. Not signing Drew Brees, passing on Matt Ryan, and drafting busts in Chad Henne and John Beck has forced the Dolphins into taking a chance on Tannehill. And who knows? Maybe he'll receive good enough coaching that he'll be able to play to his talent level and succeed.

Once the Dolphins obtained Tannehill, they had to find weapons for him. Jonathan Martin was a great value selection in the middle of the second round; he should be an instant upgrade over the beleaguered Marc Colombo at right tackle. Michael Egnew was a reach, but is probably the best pass-catching tight end on the roster. Lamar Miller wasn't really necessary, but Reggie Bush has been injury-prone in the past. He was an exceptional get in the fourth round.

The one issue I have with Miami's draft is that the front office waited way too long to address the receiver position. Who's the No. 1 wideout? Brian Hartline? Davone Bess? Clyde Gates? B.J. Cunningham? Tannehill probably shouldn't play this year because the wideout corps is really dismal.

On the bright side, the Dolphins defense countered the losses of Kendall Langford and Yeremiah Bell with a potentially upgraded pass rush, thanks to the Olivier Vernon and Josh Kaddu selections.




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