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 David Grotefend: The Real Battle of the AFCE in 2010 
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Post David Grotefend: The Real Battle of the AFCE in 2010
Grotefend wrote:
The Real Battle of the AFCE in 2010
Written by pawfectgent
Monday, 12 April 2010

I was listening today to Miami's local radio WQAM, the station that Joe Rose and Mad Dog have their own shows on, and 'the Big O', Orlando Alzugara was getting cranked up. I listen to him a lot, and agree with a lot of his opinions and reasoning, but today I was 180 degrees away.

He was berating the Front Office, calling it an 'embarrassment' and a 'joke' that the Jets got Santonio Holmes for a 5th and whatever the tender is. He was ridiculing the Dolphins seeming lack of effort in improving our team. He alluded to season ticket buyers, and how could he face them saying come watch us without doing anything to improve while our arch-enemy was loading up to compete for the Superbowl. He was pretty emphatic, and even had a little 'I don't work for the team, so I don't have to kiss their butt' (his words, not mine) tirade going on. He said he was embarrassed as a Dolphin fan, and that Jet fans should be pumping their fists and bumping their chests with pride.


This from the same Franchise that just sent their most consistent offensive threat for the last two years mind you to Kansas City. Remember them doing this at other positions? Recently? They trashed Penny for the aging Superstar Favre, and oops, looks like Penny had more gas in the tank. They also threw away J Vilma and went pandering after C Pace. Pace is decent when he's in there, but Vilma is a beast riding a Pro Bowl and wearing a ring. So, you bring in LT at the tail end of his career to be your backup, and you rest your hopes on Greene, a guy who played very well as a backup to Jones. Only now, HE's the man. Let's see how he does where he gets the ball 25 times a game each week. Because if he goes down or struggles or has a bad game they'll be screeching LT LT and that kid's head will explode.

They made the 'big play' for Braylon Edwards. Now they make the 'big play' for Holmes.

Woop-de-freaking doo.

They get a guy looking at a suspension who may be contrite, but goes to a team of bigmouths and chest-beaters. He couldn't keep his head on straight in tight-a$$, blue-collar he's going to Manhattan?

I'm glad the Dolphins passed on Brandon Marshall and his 10M or so that he wants.

I'm not glad that we didn't offer a fourth for Holmes, but if Pitt did it's due diligence and contacted every team when they wanted to trade him and out of 31 teams a 5th Rder was the best offer, then there is more to this story.

Let's look closely at the two teams and see who's where before we crucify ParSparLand, shall we Big O?

The Jets QB vs. the Dolphins QB

Gotta say that's even, with an edge to us for depth with Penny.

The Jets RBs vs. the Dolphins RBs

Do you even have to ask? How is this NOT a big advantage Miami?

The Jets Offensive Line vs. the Dolphins Offensive Line. Jets better? Really?

In pass protection?

NYJ 393 Pass Attempts, 30 Sacks (a Sack every 13.1 attempts)

MD 545 Pass Attempts, 34 Sacks (a Sack every 16 attempts)

In run blocking?

NYJ 607 Rush Attempts, 2756 Yards (4.5 per attempt), 21 TDs keep in mind that 1400 yards and 14 TDs of this was Thomas Jones who is now gone

MD 509 Rush Attempts, 2231 Yards (4.4 per attempt), 22 TDs

Keep in mind, when Free Agency began, our regime was all over it. We put out calls the MINUTE the FA period began. We went after two of the top three FAs out there for Defense. We got one and whiffed on the other. We landed Dansby but couldn't reel in Rolle with 32M because he got offered 37M. Then, once that was done, we went about scouting the draft.This regime doesn't do anything half-a$$ed. They have a plan and they stick to it.

The Jets will have a bunch of bandwagon folks jumping on, and I would be surprised if they aren't the majority of preseason 'experts' pick to win the Division.

Uh huh.

This is a team that caught lightning in a bottle, back-dooring into the playoffs while the rest of the teams in contention were fighting each other for their lives. This is a team we swept, and have won the last three against (two of those being in their digs).

The real battle we'll face in the AFC E will come from the Patriots. We've split the last two years with them, and they retained the services of the premier DT in the AFCE, Wilfork, and brought in a good guy to relieve him in Damoine Lewis. Both are UM guys and will get along very well. They also still have you-know-who at QB, and you-know-who at WR 1 and 2. They still cling to the robes of the Minister of Evil, the Tainted Soul Belichick.

The real battle for the AFCE will take another step closer to realization when we get to the draft. We have a large number of picks. We have holes, and so do the goblins from Boston. If we fill our gaps better than they do, we will wear the crown again as champs. If they do, we will have another year of watching the Kraft Cartel triumphant.

I'm not buying the smoke and mirrors pony show of the Jets. I've seen it all before. ... 7&Itemid=1



Tue Apr 13, 2010 6:18 am
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Post Re: David Grotefend: The Real Battle of the AFCE in 2010
Paw you're my hero... I wish I could write like you lol.

Lots of valid points... the Jets are the scum up here while the Giants are everyone's pride... they hate that so much in Jet country so now that they actually have the experts on their bandwagon for a change they're all basking in their glory. It'll be oh so sweet to see all their fans walk away cursing their team again when they completely flop!

Tue Apr 13, 2010 7:42 am
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 Re: David Grotefend: The Real Battle of the AFCE in 2010
It does look as if the jets made moves more so to get the fans into this season.....dont get me wrong these guys still can play but will they be a good fit and is this just a one year hype like with Farve? Hard to say but starting to look like more smoke than fire


Tue Apr 13, 2010 12:05 pm
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