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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2010 11:18 am 
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Miami Dolphins March Scouting Report
Jimmy The Finger

A number of big off-season developments down here in Dolphin land.

Miami made a splash in Free Agency signing LB Karlos Dansby from Arizona. They also cut (Boca La Grande South) LB Joey Porter, DB Gibril Wilson and LB Akin Ayodele, lost Special Teamer and reserve CB Nate Jones, re-signed QB Chad Pennington, found out that NT Jason Ferguson has been suspended for the first 8 games next Season for using performance enhancing albeit banned substances..

LB Karlos Dansby’s gotta help. A lot of writers wonder whether he’ll be worth the money they agreed to pay him, but I don’t see where that’s anybody’s business. Like I care. He’s gotta be an upgrade on the field. After that it’s accounting’s problem.

Miami also dumped motor-mouth Joey Porter, a legend in his own mind. The guy had one good year against weak competition, can’t see where else be missed much in the final analysis. Gone also is DB Gibril Wilson. Hate calling him a Free Safety, since he was neither. The man did not know his job description, kept moving in for big hits when half the time he was getting deked. The Fins D ranked last or close to it in surrendering big plays last Season as a result. Can’t see where it’ll be that hard to replace an overpaid Free Safety who gets burned every week. Likewise, LB Akin Ayodele had a chance to step up, was pretty much a non-factor.

More problematic may be the impending suspension of NT Jason Ferguson, for the Miami Rushing Defense suffered noticeably when Ferguson went out last year; guys they tried plugging in were obviously not suitable replacements. In addition, though they should be rich at Corner with the returns of previous starter Will Allen, they still might miss Nate Jones, who made a couple nice plays on Defense, lead the Special Teams in tackles.

A lot of the Draft "Experts" had Miami selecting ‘Bama ILB Rolando McClain with their First Rounder, 12th Overall, but the acquisition of Karlos Dansby scrambles that scenario. With Jason Ferguson missing the first half of 2010 several writers are now thinking the Fins may select one of the highly rated NTs in the Draft: Dan Williams from Tennessee (6’2", 330 lbs) or Terrence (Mount) Cody from Alabama (6’4", 360 lbs.).

Still the Dolphins have a lot of needs. They still need a Free Safety. They made half-hearted plays for Antrelle Rolle of the Cardinals and Brian Clark of the Steelers, did not get either. They also need a Number One Receiver, but dislike divas, so we wouldn’t expect to see them sign T.O. or Brandon Marshall. I’m just as happy Anquan Boldin went to Baltimore, for I’m not confidant he’s a true Number One when he’s not lining up opposite Larry Fitzgerald. Thought Antonio Bryant had potential, since he was dinged last year and had no Quarterback, but he signed with Cincy. Can’t say there any likely possibilities in the Draft, however. Dez Bryant seems to be the standout, but doubt Miami will want to take the risk with their First Rounder, even if the guy’s still on the board. As we said before, the team’s front office do not like divas, and the jury’s still out on Dez Bryant in this regard.

I would not be surprised nor that upset to see the Fins go for OG Mike Iupati, the highest rated Offensive Guard in the Draft. Guard has been a particular sore spot for Miami since the arrival of the Triumverate (Bill Parcells, Jeff Ireland and Tony Sparano), and they seem to be set a Tackle and Center. Also, if Rolando McClain is still on the board come Pick 12, we wouldn’t be surprised if they took him, Karlos Dansby or no Karlos Dansby. The Dolphins run a 3-4, means they need 4 Linebackers. Current starter Channing Crowder is a fan favorite. But – elite? Pro Bowl caliber? No.

Do not expect any hints from the old Trifecta prior to Draft day. These guys have played it close to the vest since they took over, so any reports you hear are pure conjecture. In addition, they’ve made some solid picks, but also thrown in some clunkers. Still don’t know what they were thinking last year using a 2nd Round Pick on QB Pat White, who did not complete a single pass in the limited action he was afforded. Dan Williams, Iupati and Mount Cody are all projected to go a little later in the First, so there’s always a chance the Fins could trade down.

In addition I would be somewhat remiss if I concluded my dispatch with reiterating Miami’s need for an upgrade at Offensive Coordinator. I may be a madman crying in the wilderness but just can’t see where the team stands much of a chance of going anywhere with Dan Henning running the O. Simply a staggering lack of production on 1st and 2nd Down. Déjà vu, dude. Much is made of Miami having three Head Coaches running the team with Henning and Mike Nolan now coordinating the D, but these guys pretty much bombed out when given the chance. The jury’s still out on Tony Sparano as well. Seems like a great guy, but Fins Fans can’t feel all that great when we start seeing an eerie (and disturbing) resemblance to Dave Wannstadt. Was only a few years ago people were hyping us on having 3 head coaches; trouble is it was (The) Nick(head) Saban, Mike Mularkey and Dom Capers.

The (Cow) Patty Dynasty is crumbling in New England, but unfortunately the Mets (I mean Jets) are building a fundamentally strong team in New York. Tough to argue Miami is any better than third in the AFC East and unless they significantly upgrade is some key areas Fins Fans could be eating you-know-what from a bunch of obnoxious New Yawkers for the foreseeable future.



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