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PostPosted: Thu Mar 29, 2012 8:46 pm 
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Rd 1, Pick 8 (8)- QB, Texas A&M- RYAN TANNEHILL-
Accuracy: Very good accuracy in the short passing game, puts ball on the numbers or in a place where receiver can make a play after the catch, even when throwing off his back foot. Quite accurate making plays on the run, squares his shoulders throwing in either direction, has deft touch but also puts some zip on shorter to intermediate throws and places the ball to the outside. Hits open receivers in stride downfield. Generally throws a nice fade to the outside, will underthrow when trying to put too much air under the pass. Makes intermediate throws to the short side of the field, but too often sails throws over the middle or to the sideline from the pocket.

Arm Strength: Possesses an NFL arm. Gets the ball from one hash to the opposite sideline in a hurry. Has the zip to hit tight windows on short and intermediate throws. Tight spiral aids velocity. Flips the ball 20-30 yards downfield on the run. Setup/Release: Inconsistent release, at times flipping the ball out quickly like Philip Rivers and winding up on other throws. Height and tall, balanced posture in pocket makes it easy to survey the field. Splits time between shotgun and coming out from under center. Takes extra steps in his drop at times. Feels interior pressure too quickly, throws off back foot when unnecessary (though it's still accurate). Pats ball to keep rhythm. Delivery gets a bit sidearm, allows linemen to knock down throws. Not practiced stepping up into the pocket to find room to throw.

Rd 2, Pick 10 (42)- OT, Stanford- JONATHAN MARTIN-
Strengths: Martin has prototypical skills for the position. He missed just two games in his career and is extremely tough. He carries his weight well and is one of the most technically sound prospects in the draft. He has a smooth, efficient pass set that allows him to get a solid base and work from a balanced state. He is powerful and aggressive against the run and has good footwork for his size. Martin was the anchor of a very polished offensive line and is simply an NFL-ready tackle.

Weaknesses: Martin has a tendency to pop upright on contact and get slightly off balance, usually when slanting in the run game. He isn't a real powerful or violent puncher, and at times his punches will slow his feet and he can get caught off guard. He isn't a quick-twitched mover off the snap and could have some issues against the league's best speed rushers.

More Here: ... id=2533041

Rd 3, Pick 9 (72)- DE, Miami- OLIVIER VERNON-
Vernon elected to enter the draft early after a disappointing senior year in which he only started three games after slowly coming back from an NCAA suspension. An undersized defensive end who will likely be moved to outside backer in a 3-4 defense where he has much more value. He excels as an edge rusher and has a serious opportunity to ascend throughout the pre-draft process given that he is a talented athlete. Second-round value.

Strengths: Vernon is a strong and powerful athlete who gets good leverage to set the edge. Good vs. the run and can play from different alignments. A very competitive player who is capable of working sideline to sideline.

Weaknesses:Vernon is limited simply by his inexperience. Hasn't had many opportunities to cover in man and really struggled the few times he was asked to cover faster players.

Rd 3, Pick 10 (73)-From Bears for Marshall- Trade Down With San Diego

Rd. 3, Pick 15 (78)-From San Diego- TE, Missouri- MICHAEL EGNEW-
Strengths: Egnew is a converted receiver who understands how to run in-phase and use his athletic ability to separate. The switch to tight end was a blessing for him, considering his ability to separate from linebackers and play more physical than most safeties. He has consistent hands and a large catch radius. He is a threat after the catch and a big target for the quarterback to throw the ball anywhere near him.

Weaknesses: As a converted receiver, Egnew has struggled blocking defensive linemen. It is tough for him to get a free release off the line when attached to a tackle, and he is much better working off the ball. He can be physically outplayed by some bigger linebackers and could have trouble playing on the line of scrimmage at the next level.

Rd 4, Pick 2 (97)- RB, Miami- Lamar Miller-
Inside: Balanced athlete with dynamic start/stop ability and smooth change-of-direction skills to stay patient before bursting upfield. Has very good vision and cutback ability, doing a nice job finding the run lanes. Follows his blocks and stays patient behind the line of scrimmage. Not overly explosive and goes down too easily, struggling to create on his own. Too patient at times and looks indecisive - questionable feel and instincts between the tackles. Freelances a lot and needs to allow the designed play to develop. Relies too much on the big play and needs to learn to be content with positive gains. Outside: Accelerates and gets to top speed quickly when he sees daylight. Has nimble feet to make defenders miss and shows an extra gear to run away from them as well. Very good at forcing defenders to take poor angles with his lateral quickness and natural burst. Fast through the hole and a home run threat. Looks most comfortable on the outside and in space. ... mar-miller

Rd 4, Pick 8 (103)-Trade up with Niners.

Rd 5, Pick 10 (145)-Trade down with Titans

Rd 5, Pick 20 (155)- LB, Oregon- Josh Kaddu -
Strengths: Kaddu is an athlete at the position. He has fluid hips and an explosive twitch from his stance which allows him to make plays quickly; he is lucky considering that he is often slow to diagnose plays and this is his recovery tool. He is a fly-around player in pursuit and a classic sideline-to-sideline linebacker who needs to be in the right 4-3 defensive scheme to be successful. He is reliable to cover tight ends downfield.
Weaknesses: Kaddu is not a very instinctive player and has to rely on his athletic ability to bail out of plays where he otherwise seems lost. He has value on teams considering his physical nature and running ability, but will have a tough time adjusting to an NFL defense and being able to diagnose plays in offenses run by the likes of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady.

Rd 6 Pick 13 (183)-Pick from Chargers through Trade Down- WR, Michigan State- B.J. Cunningham -
Strengths: Cunningham is very savvy off the ball when getting into his route, using his core strength to swat away hands and lean on corners. He has very quick feet and can get corners off balance in-route, and can burst and then snap routes off quickly, gaining separation. He is a good zone-feel receiver who likes to sit in holes, catch the ball and work upfield. He is a strong and physical player who makes his presence felt when blocking downfield.

Weaknesses: Cunningham can struggle if he doesn't get open quickly with his footwork. He can be physical in routes, which at times can allow defensive backs to run in-phase with him.

Rd 6, Pick 26 (196)-Swap with Saints, Reggie Bush deal-Traded to Niners.

Rd 7, Pick 8 (215)- DT, Texas - Kheeston Randall -
Strengths: Randall is an instinctual player who always seems to pick and choose his spots correctly when slanting and stunting. He seems to be crafty and able to avoid double teams to be a major factor against the run. He can hold up blocks well at the point, then shed quickly. Randall uses his hands well here and also as a pass rusher.

Weaknesses: Randall is a non-factor on passing downs. Not only is he usually pulled out of the game for obvious passing situations, but he is ineffective when he does get his chance.

Rd 7, Pick 20 (227)- From Titans- WR, Nevada- Rishard Matthews -
Strengths: Matthews is a very strong receiver in traffic and is reliable to make the contested catch and get upfield with the ball. He has a good feel within his routes for defenders. He is not that athletic but has good balance and is able to break arm tackles.

Weaknesses: Matthews is a slow mover who labors in space. He does not display quickness off the line and struggles to get his feet moving. He can get jammed and off-routed because of this, and it will be difficult for him to overcome at the next level.


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