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 Sparano Q&A: 'I'm not going to get into the excuse thing...' 
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Post Sparano Q&A: 'I'm not going to get into the excuse thing...'
On how much he feels that Brandon Marshall going down affected yesterday
"Well I mean like I said yesterday, I'm not going to get into the whole excuse thing for injuries…the next guy has got to be able to step up


On Tyler Thigpen and how he thinks he handled himself:
"Well I mean there's things…there's good and I mean I'm not skirting this question--there's good and bad. At the end of this whole thing he did some really decent things (you know) he got out of the pocket a little bit. (You know) sometimes maybe might have gotten out of there a little bit prematurely but he did get out of there--made some throws across the field and do some things on the run that way. We had a couple of situations where he made some really good decisions at the line of scrimmage whether it be in the pass game or identifying run-pass kills and then we had one or two that maybe…that weren't so good where the defense kind of got him which is to be expected with his first time out there. But the good news is I don't think Tyler (Thigpen) on the sideline was flustered at all. He didn't--there was no none of that from a communication standpoint or any of those things. He could tell you what he was seeing out there pretty clearly and after watching the film I think he was correct."


On the number of sacks and what was the reasoning the number of them:
"There was two different things (Kim) Bokamper to me in the sacks yesterday I thought--one, they were running some very basic twist games that we did a poor job of. I don't think we handled we handled the penetrator yesterday very well (you know) the first guy in the twist…so it got us on two different levels a few times--give credit to those people but I mean this is the tenth game of the season and we've seen plenty of twists. The other situation I think where got some sacks is that I felt like we were getting really deep last night kind of sitting off the ball a little bit and that cushion now when those rushers get a 2 ½ 3 yard run and start at you and then start to go speed to power, that's not good. We had talked during the week about having to challenge these guys early because they're heavy handed people."


On third and long conversions and having a young secondary:
"I mean I would say that it's twofold and this plays back on Andy's question a little bit here but another way they converted yesterday was this quarterback got outside the pocket which I said during the week can't happen. He got outside the pocket; he ran two of them, okay and converted them and then he threw another one, okay. These long yardage situations right now, now going into the game yesterday we were about, we were 11th in the league I think in third down defense which was pretty good. We've been higher than that. Where we were struggling is we were giving up about 33% of those, of those 11 plus (yard) situations and it's been, it's been (Aaron) Rodgers doing it to you; it's been last week Vince (Young) doing it to you. These quarterbacks that are getting out of the pocket; well that happened again yesterday. I know three of them off the top of my head right now where the quarterback extended the play. I mean he ran the long one down in the red area; he ran another one on their sideline and then he scrambled once and threw the ball in the middle of the field and made a play, so those are three of them right there."

On the play when Jay Cutler threw the ball away from the end zone with no apparent receiver in the area:
"I'm not going to comment."

On being a running team that is struggling to run the ball:
"I mean I think what you got to do honestly Omar is I think from our standpoint we probably got to go back and just start to identify the staple runs. One thing that we tried to do in the last couple, two three games here is you're going in there trying to get some chuck plays okay, so when you're trying to get chunk plays it's not that you're calling pass plays. I'll give you an example; in the fifth series of the game we called four run/pass kills in a row. Now one of the four of them in that situation and I don't mind saying this; one of the four they kind of baited Tyler (Thigpen) a little bit and the look really should have been a handoff but he threw the ball down the sideline and got it in the hole to Brian Hartline for 25 yards, okay that, you remember that play on the sideline there. In that situation I guess what I'm trying to say to you is there's got to be more staple handoffs and few, worrying less about wanting the chunk play because the coverage dictates the chunk play; I've said that before to you guys. We had a couple situations yesterday where we took advantage of one or two of those. A couple balls that he did throw to Brandon (Marshall) early in the game were those kind of plays as well. When the coverage tells you, when you're giving them an either or and the coverage tells you to throw the ball you're obviously not handing it off. Now that being said in the last two games we had 43 rushes for 127 yards and our runners, never mind the quarterbacks or the reverse players have 33 carries for 90 yards or something, so that isn't good enough."

On whether he's getting impatient with Brandon Marshall's "dumb" penalties:
"Listen, I addressed it last week. Now this week's thing, it's just we can't have minus plays and we, we have been a very disciplined team, the best team in the league from a penalty standpoint. So when you have dumb penalties, that hurts you and those penalties, like the penalty that Brandon has on the scramble okay, I mean the guy's trying to make a block for the guy and that's an effort play. I'm not going to ever have a problem with those kinds of things, but the thing on the sideline, Brandon knew it. He, I mean Brandon came right up to me and told me, so he's, he's well aware that that wasn't a smart penalty."

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Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:24 pm
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Post Re: Sparano Q&A: 'I'm not going to get into the excuse thing...'
AQNOR wrote:
He, I mean Brandon came right up to me and told me, so he's, he's well aware that that wasn't a smart penalty."

... ... 3079.story

That's what I said....Brandon knows it. Yet Junkie insists that Marshall did it intentionally as if he has some sort of malice for his own team.
That's simply not true. Brandon isn't the smartest person on the world, and he acts instinctively...he's not a bad person. He's not T.O.
He is immature and he probably won't ever get to a maturity level that will be respectable in some eyes, but he's a good person with great talent.
He should be punished, but not demeaned.


Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:34 pm
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