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 Who wants this job? 
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Post Re: Who wants this job?
10acjed wrote:
Right now I look at it as its being portrayed by the actions. The problems were personnel, the GM & Coaches not being on the same page with what was needed.

This is all basically what is being said by the ESPN guy Walker on twitter. Basically that the work environment deteriorated behind the scenes with personality clashes and factions developing. We already know of team Philbin/Aponte.

My hope is that Philbin is open to new things.

Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:42 am
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Post Re: Who wants this job?
I never liked Ireland, he was a GM in training left behind by Parcells, and was average at selecting. Watching Jordan sit on the bench made me feel like Philbin was against that trade/pick. I didnt like it myself, felt we could have used it to try and build the offense some more.... So if there is a team Philbin/Aponte, I am a fan of it vs Team Ireland... I really would have preferred Team "Insert new VP/GM here" but that choice is not mine so I am stuck with what is here..

jammer wrote:
Take this year for example: If Miami won against the Jets they are in the playoffs and no changes are made. Would you feel good about that?

Yes I would have, however I still would have questioned the approach in game planning vs Buffalo. That is a team that can get after the QB, and they do it rushing 4, and we were a team struggling to protect the QB. Mix it up a bit, we already saw what they could do to us in the first meeting. IMO making the playoffs would have been like 08, an embarrassing defeat in round 1...

jammer wrote:
I'm a bit concerned about that with Lazor. He may be very good and a rising star. But if his efforts are simply masking the inefficiencies of Philbin and MAYBE the assistants, then is this team really headed in the right direction?

My main concern with Lazor is the same it would be for any other OC. That is Philbin, and how much input he has on the play calling.. Big question with him all along is his lack of experience in that area. So if Sherman was the guy calling the plays, and Philbin just went with it. I hope he does the same with Lazor..
However if its Philbins idea to keep it simple and just expect everyone to excecute the assignment, we are screwed. Great coaches put the players in the position to succeed.
jammer wrote:
If Miami makes the playoffs I think we'll get a very good idea of whether Philbin is the correct coach for Miami.

Maybe.... But we have made the playoffs many many times since winning it all, heck even had a long span with one of the best to play the game at QB and never won it all.... So just thinking a coaching change or one player is going to make it happen is a bit of a fantasy.

Seems to me like something you just keep trying til it works.. I have said it many times, look over the last 20 years. Coaching staff's, all the options you can think of. The hot college guy, the hot OC from a winning team, the retired guy with a great resume, the guru with total control of the team, switching GM's, OC's, DC's the list goes on and on... Nothing we have done worked...

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Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:53 am
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